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The company held a seminar for new recruits college students staff
Time: 2020-04-08

August 3 afternoon, in the third floor conference room of the 2010 new recruits college students forum. By branch, commissioned by the board of directors, the company secretary and deputy general manager of the branch deputy branch members Wenchun Di and Zhang Yu, head of Sun Junjie General Department of Personnel and other company leaders with more than 10 new recruits college staff attended the forum.

Active in a relaxed atmosphere, college students on their own feelings into the company, to carry out their work, and how rich young employees amateur life, he took the floor and made many comments and suggestions. Company leaders listened carefully to the participating college students "voice", and affirmed support for college students that could be useful to answer the serious doubts raised by the issue college students, asking them to quickly complete the first role reversal, into ideologically, action to new environment and work to become a qualified company employees; second is to maintain a good style of study, in a new starting point, from scratch, learn and learn again, to the practice of science, the old master to learn, learn from each other , the theoretical knowledge learned in school and work realities and improve their overall quality and business skills, to give full play to a sense of ownership, enterprise loving, caring enterprise, sustained and stable development for the company to make its due contribution.

Students as young employees symposium provides an opportunity to communicate face to face with the leadership of the company, and fully reflects the growth of the company is concerned about college students young employees live, work, concern young employees.

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